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  1. Basics of Quartz Composer with Facebooks Origami

    While designing my soon to be podcast site for .thinkcraftcode I had all these ideas in my head for creating simple interactions with the site for the flyout menu of past episodes and socially sharing the sites content. All these ideas floating around in my head knowing I most likely…

    on design, prototyping

  2. The Perception of Storytelling

    This post was originally posted on the BELIEF Agency Blog, take a look at it over yonder. I fell into love with photography randomly after I stole my dad's Sony A200 and walked around taking photos of random items. Ever since that first shutter click, I realized I can portray…

    on photography, BELIEF

  3. Better Body Classes in EE w/ Structure, Zoo Triggers And Classee_Body

    Building sites with Expressionengine has always been a much smoother approach in my opinion then Wordpress. But there a couple of gotchas working with EE. Primarily the first thing is getting properly named classes for your routes on the <body> tag. For the most part your templates are…

    on development, expressionengine

  4. Quick Intro To Gulp.js

    Well the time has already come for me to hang up the old and put on the new? Not really sure if that sounds right but who really cares let's dig into what Gulp.js is and why I'm switching from Grunt.js Gulp.js - The streaming build system…

    on javascript, development

  5. A More Thorough Grunt.js Intro For Dummies Like Myself

    We see a radical new css framework or javascript/jQuery plugin on designernews. Head over to the github repo, clone repo to destination folder (or download a zip file, yikes). Ok now we open up your index.html/php file, maybe your partial for that amazing footer you've been working…

    on javascript, development

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